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SEO: In House vs. Outsourcing

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In today’s business landscape, everything can be outsourced, from inventory to IT support. You might be considering outsourcing various search engine optimization tasks, but would that be more beneficial than taking care of these things in house? The answer depends on a number of different factors, and it will be different for different organizations. Here, we’ll be exploring the factors to consider between SEO in-house vs Outsourcing and how to ensure you make the right choice for your business.

What is SEO Outsourcing?

SEO Outsourcing is the process of outsourcing services related to the company’s search engine optimization, both on-page (keywords, blog) and off-page (guest posts, social media), to an external agency or individual.

SEO In-house vs Outsourcing

 Before doing your SEO in-house or Outsourcing, a business owner must understand how they both work and decide which is more beneficial to business growth. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Pay: In-house SEO comes with the cost of recruitment, training, and salary benefits for your workers, and in an ever-evolving sector with new SEO strategies and techniques, this takes up continuous training and costs. Outsourcing only comes with the initially agreed fee to the external agency as the aspect of development is solely on the tab of the said agency.


  • Work quality: In-house SEO comes with a lot of trial and error, as before the workers can get to a certain level of expertise, a lot of time and finance must be invested into recruitment and training. All these play a role in the work quality and how they can perform. Outsourcing, however, comes with a more holistic approach as most agencies employ skilled professionals with access to all the state-of-the-art tools that make it possible to get their clients the results they need and exactly how they want them.


  • Efficiency: Though In-house teams may respond swiftly to changing approaches, this depends on the amount of work they have at that particular moment. With in-house SEO, you must also extensively recruit and train workers, which delays how quickly you can get started. SEO outsourcing agencies require no training or tools to buy, thus ensuring they can provide a focused, immediate, and efficient response to ongoing developments with clients.


  • Responsibility: An outsourced SEO agency must always prove its worth to clients and show why it is the best candidate for the job, so it must take full responsibility and deliver the required results. With an in-house team, only a few employees have the experience, and SEO efforts stall when they are unavailable.

Benefits of hiring In-house

  • It is easy to collaborate cross-functionally, as you can effortlessly convey your requirements anytime, adapt to market changes, and request inter-departmental collaboration.
  • Dedication to one brand. In-house SEO teams are usually more committed and focused on achieving the best results for their company, as they are paid exclusively for their efforts.
  • The in-house SEO team is more beneficial for large companies as they always strive for faster and more efficient implementation of strategies.


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Benefits of Outsourcing SEO


  • Outsourcing helps save time and cut costs. It helps boost your company’s productivity as you can focus on your business and get your SEO sorted out.
  • It helps your business work with professionals with a more extensive skill set from diverse backgrounds and experience levels.
  • They offer proven results as they have tried and trusted methods from a specialist approach to SEO.


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SEO in-house vs Outsourcing? Which best suites your business

When trying to determine, as a company, which of these methods will best suit your business, it will be helpful to ask yourself questions like these:

  • What is my budget?
  • Is expanding my in-house team possible to meet my growing demands?
  •  What are my business aspirations and targets?
  • Can I hire an outsourcing agency to work alongside my in-house SEO team?


These questions help put into perspective the factors and challenges to consider with either option. Outsourcing might be cost-effective but isn’t advisable for specific businesses and companies like:

  • Multinationals need dedicated internal resources to help with country-specific strategies requiring local language and cultural knowledge.
  • Industry leaders of large companies that need to enlist SEO consultants



The vast world of digital marketing is constantly evolving, and dedicated efforts are necessary to stay current on the latest trends and required skill sets. As a business, you need the right people to help boost your marketing strategy significantly, which will also help create a resounding digital presence and surpass your competitors. At DMR, we help you find the best people who resonate with your company regarding culture, values, and goals. Contact us today.




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