Outplacement Services

Make Tough Transitions Easier

Control costs and secure your company’s reputation as you are going through layoffs. By engaging in our outplacement services, we can help your company mitigate these effects and empower your departing employees with their job searches.

At DMR, we offer comprehensive outplacement services tailored to the needs of companies and employees. Our services include:

  • Résumé and Cover Letter Review and Coaching: Crafting a compelling résumé and cover letter is crucial for job seekers. Our experts provide personalized guidance to make applications stand out.

  • LinkedIn Profile Review: We live in a digital age, and a strong online presence is essential to establish and maintain a successful career. We optimize your departing employees’ LinkedIn profiles to enhance their professional visibility and accelerate their job searches.

  • Interview Prep and Coaching: Your departing employees can nail their interviews with our interview preparation and coaching. We equip them with the skills and confidence needed to ace those crucial conversations.

  • Customized Job Search Strategy and Coaching: Each job search is unique. Our tailored strategies and coaching ensure job seekers are on the right path to their next career opportunity.

Laying off employees is a challenging decision that can have far-reaching consequences for individuals and organizations. However, by offering outplacement services, companies can mitigate these negative impacts, help employees smoothly transition to new positions, and maintain a positive corporate image.

DMR is your trusted partner in this process, offering comprehensive career transition services designed to empower individuals and safeguard your company’s reputation. When faced with the necessity of employee layoffs, consider the invaluable benefits of outplacement services, and choose DMR to guide your employees toward a brighter future.

$500 – $900/person depending on the plan you select.

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Why Outplacement Services Matter

Digital Marketing Recruiters understands the multifaceted challenges of downsizing. Companies that provide former employees with outplacement services demonstrate a commitment to their workers’ well-being and a dedication to preserving their reputation. These services not only help employees find new opportunities, but also help businesses mitigate the negative impacts of layoffs.