Outsource Pay Per Click (PPC) Services to Search Engine Marketing experts

White Label PPC Specialists in the Philippines

Why Outsource PPC Services?​

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a crucial tool for success for most businesses in this rapidly changing technological world. More and more, businesses rely on Google Ads and other Pay-Per-Click (PPC) platforms to be seen and grow their brand but building and launching a robust SEM strategy can be time and labor intensive. At Digital Marketing Recruiters, our hiring experts will help you outsource your PPC services to a team of highly trained, hardworking, and efficient PPC specialists in the Philippines. Your outsourced search engine marketing team can help build your PPC strategy, create written and visual content for your ads, and identify the most useful insights on your campaigns to help scale your business.

PPC Outsourcing Capabilities

Digital Marketing Recruiters trains and hires employees who have a strong background in digital and content marketing. Your outsourced PPC team will utilize tools including:

Our outsourced specialists use Google AdWords, Bing, and YouTube Ads to enhance your online presence. Our experts can also help you run advertising on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, & LinkedIn to build a large and relevant social media following for your company.

Growth Mindset

Here at Digital Marketing Recruiters, we embrace a growth mindset, meaning our PPC specialists in the Philippines are constantly demanding improvement for themselves and the team. As a B2B company, we understand the struggles of finding good quality, affordable, and efficient labor, so our mission is to provide our best-in-class white-label PPC outsourcing services to assist you in achieving your business goals by outsourcing PPC services.

Our Company Values

Transparency – We believe it’s important to always be open about our work and provide honest advice and feedback. Anyone can do pay-per-click advertising, but our team knows the truth to a successful relationship is honesty and transparency.

Real Customer Success – We value the importance of bringing real value to our clients. We ensure this by providing a trained workforce of SEM and PPC specialists in the Philippines matched for your business.


To discuss your specific PPC outsourcing needs and start expanding your white label PPC team, contact Digital Marketing Recruiters today.

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