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Client FAQs

A recruiter’s expertise in finding talent means clients can expect better prospects ready to interview faster. Recruiters save you time filling your open role(s) and are experts in finding, screening, interviewing, and drawing in high-quality candidates. They spend at least eight hours a day trying to find qualified applicants for their clients, devoting a lot of resources and time to ensuring open positions get filled 

When you hire a recruiter to help you fill the open role(s) in your organization, you can expect them to try and learn more about your organization and what you are looking for in potential candidates in order for them to provide you with candidates with relevant experience that meet your qualifications.   

Before hiring a recruiting firm, you should ask them what expertise they have with recruiting in your industry, how they measure client satisfaction, how they qualify candidates, what their expectations from you are, and if there are any trends and potential recruiting issues you should be aware of.

International outsourcing can save your organization money by having daily tasks completed by employees working in a lower-cost economy, such as the Philippines, where employment costs can be over 50% less.

The standard fee for recruiting agencies is typically between 15%-20% of the first-year salary for whatever position(s) the agency is helping to fill. Fees can vary depending on market conditions, industry, and the specialization of the position(s).

  1. Contingent Contract (US Direct Placement) – Organizations pay no upfront costs, instead paying after placement. Candidates we find may be shared with our other clients who need to fill similar roles. 
  2. Exclusive Contract (US Direct Placement) – Clients pay a fee in three installments – at the start of the search, when a specified number of qualified candidates have been presented, and after a placement has been made. All candidates are exclusive to the organization until DMR disengages with them or the position has been filled.
  3. International Outsourcing – Organization hires contract staffers based in another part of the world to handle some day-to-day business operations at the fraction of the cost of a US employee. 

You can make your open role look more attractive to candidates by talking about your organization’s culture and values, avoiding buzzwords and cliches, keeping the description honest and accurate, and being upfront about compensation and benefits. 

Brand reputation is very important to recruiting and hiring because brands with a good reputation will attract not just more candidates but more high-quality candidates than those with a neutral or negative reputation. People want to work for organizations that have good reputations, and it’s much easier to build goodwill with candidates when you have a positive reputation.  

When determining the compensation for an open role, it’s smart to always go with the market value, which is based on current market conditions. To do this, you should look at the pay listed for similar positions within your industry or niche in the same geographical location. A recruiter can help you understand current market conditions and the expected market value for your open role(s), so you can have more confidence in the pay you negotiate.  

  1. We specialize in digital marketing – At Digital Marketing Recruiters, our main goal is to connect top talent in the digital marketing industry with great companies. If you’re looking to hire an expert in SEO, Paid Media, Paid Search, CRO, or any other form of digital marketing field, you can trust that we will be able to find high-quality prospects who will be a valuable addition to your organization. Our team also has over 30 years of digital marketing experience, and we’ll use the many connections we’ve built in that time to find qualified candidates.  
  2. We have over a decade of experience in the digital marketing space – In our decade-plus of experience in the digital marketing industry, we’ve built many valuable connections that help us find high-quality candidates for our clients. Our experience in the digital marketing space also means we’ll know exactly what to look for in potential prospects and can help you understand the qualifications, experience, and traits you should be looking for as well.  
  3. We have over 13,000 candidates in our current pipeline – When you come to us needing help filling a position, it won’t take very long for us to produce a list of qualified candidates because we maintain a relationship with well over 10,000 different digital marketing professionals.  
  4. We are very well connected within the digital community – In addition to the over 13,000 candidates in our pipeline, we have also built-up connections with a variety of other organizations and agencies in the digital marketing space that allows us to have access to top talent and have our fingers on the pulse of the industry.  
  5. We provide an excellent client and candidate experience throughout the process with transparent communication and metrics – At the end of the day, our goal is to help organizations like yours find and hire talented digital marketing professionals that will not only excel at their job but be a perfect fit with your culture and share many of the same values. In order to ensure a positive experience for both clients and candidates, we’ve made the process as simple as possible and will be clear and concise every step of the way.  

Candidate FAQs​

It can be difficult to find a job you want, but working with a recruiter can help you land your next dream role. Recruiters give you access to a lot more job opportunities than you’d be able to find on your own by searching through different job boards because not all open positions are posted on these sites. There are many job opportunities that only a recruiter will be aware of that you would have never come across on your own. Recruiters also want to place candidates and will have a vested interest in helping you find a role you’ll like at a company you’ll love. They’ll also help you through the entire process, offering advice on your resume, interviewing tips, and giving you other tools that will help you land your dream job.  

A recruiter will get to know your career goals, work experience, professional background, motivations, and what you’re looking for in a job. They’ll then use this information to find job openings that you would have an interest in and will connect you with the organizations which are seeking your talents. Recruiters will also assist with your cover letter, resume, and interviewing skills to improve your chances of getting the job. If there is nothing that currently matches your interests and qualifications, they will keep you in their pipeline and will reach out when they become aware of an open role that you would be a good fit for. More than anything though, a recruiter brings a human touch and helping hand to the job search process.  

Working with a recruiter is always free for prospective candidates like yourself! Recruiters like us are only ever compensated by our clients, not the candidates we place.  

A recruiter should always be very welcoming to candidates and really take the time to get to know them and what they’re looking for in a dream job. Recruiters should be responsive and communicate with their candidates in a clear and concise manner. Recruiters should also be transparent about results and invested in your professional success. Above all else, a recruiter should be helpful. A recruiter should never be disrespectful, impersonal, hard to get ahold of, or seem like they are hiding something. Additionally, a recruiter should not talk more than they listen, submit your resume to job openings without your consent, or keep contacting you about opportunities you are not interested in.  

You’ll want to work with your recruiter for two reasons. First, employers will rarely make their best offer initially. Second, candidates that negotiate their pay often earn more than those who don’t. A recruiter will help you understand what you are worth and what the current market value for the position is to ensure you get fairly compensated 

Before working with a recruiting agency, you should ask them what experience they have filling positions in industries you want to work in, if they specialize in finding candidates for any specific industries, how long they have been in business, how they’re different from their competitors, how long the average placement stays at their current job, and how they set up interviews.  

In many cases, yes. A good recruiter will spend a significant amount of time helping you prepare for interviews and give you a variety of thoughtful advice regarding your cover letter and resume that will help you stand out from other candidates. Recruiters can also fast-track the application process and will help you negotiate your salary. They’re experienced in having conversations you may be uncomfortable with or inexperienced in dealing with. Additionally, a recruiter’s clients pay them to find top talent, so they will likely think more highly of the candidates that a recruiter provides compared to those who reply to a posting on a job site.  

Connecting with a recruiter like Digital Marketing Recruiters is easy. You can reach out to us via email at, give us a call at 719-434-5245, or fill out a contact form right here on our website.  

Yes! You should always send your cover letter and your resume to a recruiter so they can help you edit and improve both documents and get a better understanding of you, your professional experience, skills, and qualifications. Additionally, sending your cover letter to a recruiter will help you stand out amongst other candidates.  

There are several ways to get a recruiter to get in contact with you in addition to reaching out to them yourself. Firstly, you can make it easy for recruiters to contact you by including your phone number and email on your cover letter and resume and in your initial message describing your experience, qualifications, and what you are looking for in a job. You should also aim to build up an online presence and stay active and up to date on your LinkedIn profile, and network with others in your industry. You may also want to create a professional website, a professional Twitter account, and a profile on relevant job boards. 

Yes! Reaching out to recruiters on LinkedIn is a good way to connect. It may feel strange to be so direct but don’t be shy, but that’s what the career-centered social media platform is for. Many recruiters will be happy that you introduced yourself because you’re another talented professional that they can add to their pipeline of candidates, and they’ll likely be able to help you land your dream job.  

Yes – it’s a recruiters job to help their candidates get a job. The do-it-yourself approach isn’t the most effective way to find a job, let alone your dream job. A recruiter helps you along every step of the way and will open more doors, boost your efforts, and act as your personal advocate.