“The DMR Team has been an incredible asset to our recruitment department. They have successfully helped us fill a significant number of open positions with A+ team members across our portfolio of companies.

DMR knows the agency market better than anyone that I’ve ever worked with on the recruiting side of things, and we’ve worked with a TON of recruiters over the years. It’s so difficult in our world to find A+ players, and there are so many things that the average “agency recruiter” just wouldn’t pick up on. DMR has also helped us hire team members outside of the US, which has been a huge help.

The individuals that DMR has helped us hire have all been A+ contributors. So much so that we’ve stopped recruiting directly on our own and have integrated the DMR team into all our recruiting processes.” – Danny S. – Digital Marketing Executive

“Digital Marketing Recruiters provide unsurpassed support for organizations seeking digital marketing and executive talent. Ther DMR team are subject matter experts in talent acquisition, and Marti personally has a decade of hands-on experience in SEO, SEM, Social Media management and advertising, Content, CRO and Video services…a one-stop shop for engaging high-impact digital marketing professionals. Whether we need a senior-level specialized leader or a half dozen SEO account managers, DMR bring us great candidates that fit our company culture and who produce impressive results for our clients!” – Laura M. – Business Leader in the Digital Marketing , Real Estate and Construction space

“I worked with Marti on a recent job search, and it was a fantastic experience. She was easy to work with, professional, and connected me with a really great opportunity. I highly recommend her and DMR.” – Paul K. – DMR Candidate

“DMR is great at thoughtful and proactive recruiting, especially in the niche talent acquisition field. Their ability to talk to people of all walks of life and varying professions is a testament to their versatility. I highly recommend DMR to anyone looking to boost their talent pipeline, especially for hard-to-find technical recruitments!” – Amanda F. – Director of Human Resources

“Marti, is someone who TRULY cares for her meaning and purpose of her profession. Based on my interactions with her as her client, she has demonstrated a willingness to go the extra mile when you are in need and be honest with constructive feedback that can help you succeed. Thanks Marti! Keep up the honest work!” – David R. – DMR Candidate

“In the last 6 weeks of being laid off in the digital marketing arena, I was not sure where I would go, let alone do next. Lori from DMR reached out to me the day I was laid off just to encourage me and say that everything was going to work out. If you’ve been laid off you know the roller coaster of emotion that wells up and for me stirs anger and frustration. She was able to calm me and sort through my thoughts and channel some positive vibes. She was also able to share some personal experience that she and her husband had been in when they were in a similar place and it brought some needed perspective. Within another couple of days of our first phone meeting, she had a job that she thought I would be a good fit. Of course I obliged to get in the running for this position and she continued to check in with me weekly and got me an interview with them. I’m thrilled to say that Lori was my “guiding angel” when I was in my darkest of places and her personal care and professional commitment to my well being was way more than expected and beyond what I had experienced with any recruiter I’ve ever come across. I can’t recommend her and DMR more enthusiastically. Thank you again Lori – you’re the first person I will be in touch with should I ever be in this position again – praying that I don’t, but still – YOU ROCK!!🤘 – Doug K. – DMR Candidate

“I am excited too! I wanted to thank you for advocating for me. I am so glad that it worked out as well and looking forward to getting started! :)” – Mallory D. – DMR Candidate 

“Just wanted to thank you again and say I’ve been extremely impressed with your work and I’m beyond happy to have you in our vendor circle. We’ll definitely use your service in near future again!” – Chris B. – CEO of On the Map