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Why Incorporating Contract Staffing to Your Hiring Strategy is Key in 2022

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Today’s labor force values flexibility from their employers because it helps them achieve and maintain a better work/life balance. This makes contract staffing something all organizations need to consider, and there are a variety of other benefits for employees and employers alike.

In short, contract staffing refers to the process where an individual is hired on a short-term basis rather than being recruited to fill a position full-time. These short-term employees are often referred to as “independent contractors” or simply “contractors,” and you will sometimes see them called “freelancers” or “consultants.” The legal definition of a contractor differs between regions and countries, but they are generally treated as separate business entities. The contract between them and the company outlines the specifics of the arrangements, and contractors will often only work for the organization until a project has been completed or for a certain number of hours.

Rather than having to search for talent and market the open position themselves, businesses can partner with a contract staffing agency to quickly and conveniently get access to a large pool of experienced talent. In addition to the time, effort, and money this saves, a contract staffing agency is often able to connect a business with a higher quantity of qualified talent than they would have been able to attract on their own. 

In addition to offering individuals looking for work more flexibility, contract staffing offers a variety of benefits to employers. 

Larger Talent Pools

Contract staffing agencies help a company expand its reach and the size of its talent pool, connecting them with more skilled individuals than they would have been able to reach on their own. When working with a contract staffing agency, employers don’t have to invest as much time and effort as it normally would in marketing the opening, vetting candidates, and
interviewing candidates.

Quickly Satisfy Short Term Needs

Run into a roadblock that you’ve never experienced before? Hiring a full-time employee with expertise in the area isn’t a viable option because once the problem has been solved, you likely won’t need their services anymore. Outsourcing is an option, but it comes with security risks, possible quality control issues, and a lack of managerial control. Contract staffing is great for short-term needs because it will connect your business with a highly qualified worker who will be there for the time that you need their expertise and gone when it’s not needed anymore. Contract staffing is also great for seasonal needs, when your business experiences a massive amount of growth that you didn’t account for, and when you need to respond to the market quickly.

Less Business Liability

Because contractors aren’t full-time employees, businesses do not have to offer them benefits like health insurance, retirement savings, paid time off, worker’s compensation, disability pay, and others. This saves the company precious time, effort, and, most importantly, money. The reduced long-term labor cost is something businesses in every industry would like to benefit from.

More Focus on Internal Staff

When you’re not dedicating time, effort, and money to the hiring process, these resources can be allocated to better care for current full-time employees. This will make them more loyal to the company and feel more appreciated, decreasing the likelihood they will look for employment elsewhere. This also allows you to focus more on crucial internal tasks and the professional development of the full-time talent you already have.

Avoid Laying off Employees

When you get a big contract, you might be tempted to hire a large amount of new full-time employees to fulfill the requirements of the deal. If the deal falls through, and if these new hires can’t be assigned to new projects or a different department, you’ll have to end up letting them go. This not only reflects poorly on the image of your company, but it costs a lot of money. Situations like these can be prevented with short-term staffing because workers are only hired for a specified amount of time.

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