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It’s a great time to be pursuing a career in digital marketing. As more and more of our world goes digital, the need for knowledgeable digital marketers that can help companies take advantage of the opportunities to connect with their customers in new ways only increases. In fact, the demand for digital marketers is so high that LinkedIn lists it as a top in-demand job (source). The field is also full of opportunities and allows you to learn about different industries because you’ll be working with a diverse clientele. While the field does involve a lot of analytics, there is still plenty of room for creativity as more channels of communication become available and existing channels evolve.

The need for digital marketers means there are lots of job opportunities out there. Here are our tips on how to ace your next interview and make yourself a top candidate.

Be authentic

We get it – you’ve probably been told to be yourself so many times that the sentiment has become cheesy, but that doesn’t make it bad advice. Being authentic and showing your personality during an interview can show an employer that you’re not only well qualified for the position but a great culture fit as well. Letting your personality shine through can also help cut through some of the usual awkwardness in an interview and make a memorable impression on your interviewers.

Know the company

Getting to know the company you’re interviewing for shows initiative and that you care enough about the opportunity to do research. You’ll likely also impress the interviewers with what you already know about the brand, and this knowledge will give you a boost in confidence as well. When getting to know a company, don’t just check out their website. There are a variety of other resources available, like social media platforms, YouTube, and GlassDoor, and you can’t go wrong with an old-fashioned Google search to see what press they’ve received lately.

Polish your online presence

Just like you’ll be researching the company before your interview, the company will be researching you and your online presence. You don’t want to avoid missing out on a great opportunity because you haven’t gotten around to updating your LinkedIn account or because of a poorly thought-out Tweet from years ago that you’d forgotten about, so spend some time cleaning up your online presence. Make your digital footprint a better representation of the ambitious digital marketing professional you are now, and ensure there’s nothing that could harm your chances of getting the job.

Understand why data is important to digital marketing

Metrics are extremely important to the world of digital marketing, so you’ll want to show your interviewers that you understand what makes data and analytics so important and what it all means. Anyone can read data from a spreadsheet, but not everyone is able to analyze it and figure out the story it tells. Share examples of previous successful campaigns with your interviewers and tell them how data insights contributed to their success. If you don’t have these previous experiences, you should familiarize yourself with tools like Google Search Console and Google Analytics and do what you can to gain as much exposure to analytics as you can through research and consulting online resources.

It’s ok that you don’t know everything as long as you show a willingness to learn

There’s a lot to know in the digital marketing space, and there’s always more to learn as algorithms change, new channels emerge, and old channels evolve. Digital marketing is also an umbrella term that includes SEO, SEM, SM, Amazon marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, and so much more. This makes the space extremely varied, and most digital marketing professionals aren’t fluent in all the different services that fall under the umbrella. It’s ok that you don’t know everything – just be honest about what areas aren’t your strong suit. The interviewers will appreciate your honesty, and it gives you an opportunity to express your willingness to learn.

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